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Top Notch Tips to Getting Top Grades - Principal Parenting Potentials For a Back to School Overview

 By Julian Anthony
With the end of summer comes the beginning of a new school year. If you made a promise to yourself that you were going to help your child to excel in Academics this year you are certainly not alone. There are a lot of parents becoming more involved with their children when it comes to education. Also many parents are a lot more involved with the Educational System itself, now more than ever before.

While I believe this to be a good thing it can have the potential to backfire. So here in this article will be a small outline of things that should be considered when probing deeper into your childs' school life.

These are just some helpful hints and an outline of things to consider in order to get the most out of school and education as is possible.

Every parent has high hopes for their child and really wants them to do well in school. It is a busy time for parents and children. When you are busy you can get stressed and anxious. Be aware of your own anxieties and be sensitive about it. Try not to let it get the best of you.

1. Keep the Pressure OFF. Having fun and exploring education in a positive way will keep a positive connection with school and your child. You want to keep your child interested in school in order to get the most out of it. In recent years the overall expectations of school based achievements and grade point averages have skyrocketed. Meaning parents and teachers keep the standards relatively high. Boys tend to be more competitive and girls tend to be more mature but all children share likes and dislikes.

The point being is school should, and needs to be enjoyed as a well liked experience by the child.

As mentioned earlier, we have a much higher standard and expectation rate than ever before. We must be careful not to let this get out of hand. So the most important thing EVER when it comes to keeping your child interested in school is to know when and how to apply the pressure. As well as when not to. Inspire in good spirits.

2. Understanding Strengths and Weaknesses. Continue to be observant and ascertain likes and dislikes. Letting the child make the decisions about what his/her favorite subject is and what they enjoy most. Do not let your influence or standard stereo types of gender or any other assumptions get in the way.

These are limits that children are not affected by and should not be restricted or bothered with. For instance a girl could be interested in fire-trucks or a boy dancing. It can be jolting but just be supportive and understanding.

3. Esteem and Academic Achievement. Keep a list of factors which will influence your child's development and learning capabilities. If your child enjoys something in particular this will usually mean they are good at it. Let them run with it and see where it leads. Once they build esteem through accomplished goals they will take an interest in school all around.

This is the highest goal. The worst thing is getting to a point where the children dislike school and find no joy in it. This is where all the problems rise up. The challenge just to get them to do their home work is very hard when the child just does not want to do it.

4. Motivation and the IMPORTANCE of a Great Morning Send Off. --This is wildly overlooked and underestimated. It is also the most important. When children are not given enough time to thoroughly wake up and eat a great healthy breakfast; they have a %50 disadvantage over one who does. This is very important to the maintaining energy throughout the day and feeling well from the beginning on.

The brain needs nutrients to function properly. Without it you are left feeling sluggish in the morning which means you are more than likely missing out. Studies have proven that this is the SINGLE greatest element to learning and overall performance in school for all children. So breakfast is a must and a big one at that. Healthy too, of course.

5. Structure, Structure, Structure. A child needs an organized life to live in. A strong foundation in which to work. Routine and scheduling helps a child feel safe and confident. They are making decisions for themselves for the first time. They are learning and need confidence.

Plus when things are organized children tend to be more focused. The clean and orderly manner of a schedule helps to keep concepts moving forward with no friction.

Just to help keep things simple, a quick rundown cannot hurt.

1. Be aware of your own anxieties and Keep the pressure off throughout the whole school year.
2. Observe how your child learns and ascertain strengths and weaknesses. Teach them to compensate.
3. Take interest and support your child's interests. Allow them to have fun and keep school enjoyable.
4. The best morning send off is beyond important to them. Great mornings with great breakfasts is a must.
5. Structure, keeping it consistent. A schedule of reviews of how things are going. Knowing your child's school life and environment.

This list could really go on forever but you have some of the most crucial back to school tips to get the most out of an education. These principals work. When you apply these tips to get good grades with your current routine it will have a definite impact and improve your child grades all around.

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