Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry - Kids Fighting

Sibling Rivalry - Do your kids get along all the time? If they do you are extremely lucky. My kids fight all the time. They have a serious love-hate relationship. They call each other names and they hit and hurt each other. My son loves to push my daughters buttons and irritate her like crazy. He will find something she doesn't like. For example if saying the word "Pooh Pooh" is bugging her he will say it again and again, following her around the house. She then freaks out yelling and screaming and eventually hurting him.
When ever my son is playing by himself my daughter has to come over and take over on what he is playing with and start bossing him around. They have to fight over who got served their dinner first, what to watch on tv, toys they are playing with and so on. They are competing for toys and attention. It is very exhausting and stressful.
So many times I try and just let them work it out themselves, but that can be very difficult sometimes, especially if you do not want anybody getting hurt and than dealing with the crying. Sometimes there needs to be some parent intervention. I try to be fair when I intervene and listen to their story. I have to try and be consistent with the punishment and follow through. My main flaw I must admit.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Child Behavior and Mommy Craziness

These past few weeks I feel like I have been under so much stress. Here I have a blog on being a successful parent and I feel like I have been failing as a parent. My kids have been driving me so crazy. I just feel like I have been yelling more than being a positive supportive parent. They have not been following directions and they have been fighting like crazy. They torture our poor dog all the time and I feel like I am yelling at them more to leave the dog alone. School starts in three more weeks and maybe that will help. I just get so frustrated when I have to tell them to not do something or to go and do something like ten times. COME ON! My daughter has been acting out so much and acts like she is younger then my three year old. She is six. After I get so angry with them, I then feel so guilty and feel like I am the worse mom in the world and that I am failing them as a parent. I know you can read many articles about being a successful parent or a positive parent but it really has to come from within. It takes alot of patience and it does not happen overnight. We all can lose our cool every now and then. I understand not everyone is perfect but I still cannot help but be hard on myself.

Oh yeah and I am due in about 3-5 weeks depending on if this baby comes early like the other two. I feel like I am more scared to give birth this time than the last two times. I feel so totally unprepared. This pregnancy went by so fast. I hardly had time to really think about it with working full time, going to school, being a mom, having responsibilities at church and trying to start up a home business, so I do not have to return back to work after this one is born.

I just hope this weekend gets better and I can keep my cool because I think all my stress is effecting my childrens behavior.

What's Behind the "Terrible Twos"

By the editors of Child magazine

Despite their reputation, toddlers usually exhibit only sporadic periods of difficulty. We explain what causes the outbursts.

Although you have probably heard of the "terrible twos," there are, in fact, only intermittent periods of difficulty. The interval between 18 and 21 months often brings temper tantrums and defiance, but these behaviors usually subside by the second birthday. Then, starting at roughly 2 1/2, your child may enter a period of extremes. Some days, she'll be sunny and helpful. At other times, temper tantrums, whining, and defiance will prevail. The situation usually worsens with fatigue or a change in your child's daily or nightly routine.

What's behind these dramatic mood swings? Most outbursts result from sheer frustration. Increasingly, your 2-year-old feels a powerful need to be independent. But in most situations, she's unable to control her environment or be self-reliant, and she lacks the reasoning ability to come to terms with the situation.

After all, why should she have to go to bed when you tell her to? She can't yet understand most cause-and-effect relationships, such as the fact that a lack of sleep will make her tired.
Your 2-year-old doesn't win high marks for keeping her feelings in check, either. She truly is an open book, and that is part of her charm. Is she happy? Everyone around her will know it as she spreads good cheer. Is she less than pleased? That's plain to those witnessing tears or a tantrum. At this stage, though progressing in the right direction, she still lacks mastery over her emotions.

Instead of viewing a 2-year-old as "terrible," then, rejoice in the fact that all the frenetic energy, defiance, and self-preoccupation that come at this age are part of normal, healthy development. Arm yourself with the tools of the toddler-parenting trade: a well-developed sense of humor, patience, an abundance of love and reassurance, firmness as needed, and, above all, consistency. And remember, the most effective way a toddler learns rules is by breaking them, so her attempts to defy you can actually afford you many opportunities to teach. The best lesson you can impart at these times is to help your child understand that her actions have consequences, that she can be effective in her behavior. Have patience and be consistent, and soon she'll come to differentiate the good consequences from the bad.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Helping children to sleep in their own bed throughout the night.

I am a mom of a 6 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. We allowed them to sleep in our bed for too long. They would start off in their beds but in the middle of the night we would have a dog and two kids in bed with us. I'm pregnant and due in about 4-6 weeks. I was getting to uncomfortable in the middle of the night being cramped between two kids and a dog at my feet. So at the beginning of summer I told them for each time they slept in their own bed all night they get a sticker. We kept track on the calendar and for each week if they slept in their own bed for 4 nights then they got an ice cream from the ice cream man. It only worked for a few weeks and then the ice cream man was getting expensive. So now they both want new backpacks for school. That is their prize if they can continue sleeping in their own bed. If only some nights they both can sleep in their own bed all night. It is hard to bribe the dog she sneaks up and I have to kick her off.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Anger Managment with Children

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pregnancy, child behavior and beyond

So this week has been a tough time for me. On Sunday, at 6:30 am I went outside because I realized that we forgot to take the cans off the sprinkler heads of our rainbirds. We have already had to replace three this summer due to the dog trying to bite at them and the kids kicking balls and driving cars into the. So when we are outside playing we cover them with coffee cans. So I went outside while the sprinkler was running, because it is on a timer, I took the can off and tried to run away from the sprinkler the ground was so wet and slippery that I fell foward onto my pregnant stomach and slid forward like being on a slip and slide. I'm sure anybody who was watching probably could have got a good laugh. It hurt pretty bad and I went inside to realize that my husband who works nights was to tired to even care and I tried to lay down but then my three year old woke up and was ready for breakfast and to start his day. So my belly was achy and I did not feel the baby move for a while. My doctor the next day said everything was fine. The heart beat was fine and the baby was moving the whole time I was there.

My two children ages 6 and 3 have been fighting non stop and driving me absolutely crazy. My oldest, she has been so angry and emotional this week. She gets so frusterated and automatically hurts her brother, herself or breaks something. My three year old does not help much because he likes to egg her on and irritate her more. He thinks it is funny. So then I'm stressed out because they are fighting. Sibling Rivalary what to do.

This week for family day we went to a Zoo in Folsom. It is a animal recovery zoo. So they get animals that have been injured and help them out. My sons favorites where the tigers and bears.

We also went for a little train ride while we were there and played at the park for awhile. We came home and BBQ'd hamburgers, corn and salad. It was a wonderful day.

I am in the process of trying to get an internet marketing business running from home so I can stay at home after the baby is born and get my husband to hopefully switch his shift to days so we can have more time as a family. He works six nights a week as soon as I get home from work. Plus we have alot of bills to pay for, especially hospital bills and more to come.

If any of you are successful online with a marketing business please give me some tips. I would so appreciate it.