Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tantrums and Giggles

This has been a crazy week. My four year old has been being very defiant and stubborn.
When it is time to get ready for school he throws a fit. He has been acting out at school and not following directions. He is very aggressive and whines and yells so loud. If you tell him to stop he gets louder. I am really at my wits end and have no idea what to do. I have been super busy lately with work, school, home biz and being a mom to three. I don't know if he is acting out because he needs attention. But when he acts this way, especially when I have a headache. I just want to yell back and put him in time out forever in his bed. He does things like breaking his toys when he is mad. Like it is going to hurt me. He really can be the sweetest kid in the world but lately I do not know what has gotten into him. He has gone CRAZY and somebody else has taken over my sweet, lovable son. Sometimes I feel like I do not have the patience or time to deal with him.
On a positive note my 3 month old baby girl would only smile at my daughter. My son was getting very offended by it. He gets right up in her face and tries to be silly. The baby does not like that. So last night he was acting silly and he got her first laugh. She was laughing really hard at him. He was very thrilled by that.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crazy Life

I started back to work and I am struggling bad. I spend four hours a day with my kids and no time with my husband. I get home from work after picking up my oldest daughter from school. Then my husband leaves for work. So it is me and the three kids (ages 6, 4 and 3 months). I have to help them with their homework, get them bathed make dinner and try very hard to spend quality time with each of them. I stress the try because some nights it feels impossible. I stick to the same schedule but sometimes things do not move as fast as I would like. My 4 year old is really loud and obnoxious while I am helping my 6 year old with home work. My baby doesn't nap during this time and I have to usually hold her because the dog is a spaz. Then the kids fight and they get sent to time out. I feel like I am more stressed out and yelling most of the time. These are not the memories I want for my kids when they grow up. Everyday I set a goal to not get mad and over react. Then the chaos begins and I can't help my self. It is an endless cycle. I swear my work at home is much harder then my paying job. I really wish we got paid to be a stay at home mom. I would gladly take drug tests to prove I am not a freeloader. I started school myself this week. I try to do homework and my home business once the kids are in bed but sometimes that doesn't seem to go as planned. Oh well life happens and I guess we have to go with it.