Thursday, October 15, 2009

Successful Parenting Tips: How To Increase Your Chances Of Raising Successful Children

Every parent's goal is to raise successful children. In fact, most of us hope to raise children that are more successful than we are, no matter how successful we may be in our lives. By following these simply parenting tips, you are likely to raise very happy and successful children that will get the most out of life.

Parenting Tips #1: Encourage Independence

As a parent, your first instinct is to intervene and save your child from all of the ills of the world. In order to raise a successful child, however, you need to allow your child to become independent. This requires teaching your child as much as possible and then standing back to allow him or her to make decisions and to live with the consequences. For example, if your child has a demanding assignment to complete at school,allow him or her to work through the project rather than completing it for him or her.
Even video games can help teach your child independence. If your child becomes frustrated because he or she can't get through a certain level, don't ask an older brother or sister to do it for your child. Rather, encourage your child to keep trying until he or she can get it without help. This way, your child learns that he or she can achieve anything with a little hard work and practice.

Parenting Tips #2: Teach Responsibility

There are a number of different ways that you can teach responsibility to your child. One way is to teach your child to follow through with the decisions that he or she makes. For example, if your child decides to sign up for a sports team and then later decides that he or she isn't interested in the sport, you can teach responsibility by insisting that your child complete the season. If your child doesn't want to join the team next year, that is fine. But, he or she needs to learn the importance of keeping true to a commitment by staying on the team for the current season.

Responsibility can also be taught by giving your child regular household chores to complete. The types of chores will vary according to your child's age. But, even a two year old can learn to clean up his or her toys.
Parenting Tips #3: Demonstrate Compassion

In order to raise a successful child, you also need to be a positive role model that demonstrates compassion. In addition, encourage your child to help you as you help others. For example, if your child has a toy that he or she know longer plays with or clothes that no longer fit, go together to donate them to the poor. When the school has food drives for the local food pantry, be sure to send some cans of food to school with your child. The more your child sees you helping others and the more opportunities you give your child to be compassionate, the more likely your child will be to continue this behavior has an adult.

By educating your child about the world, teaching responsibility, encouraging independence, and demonstrating compassion, you will certainly raise a very successful child that will have a strong, positive influence on the rest of the world.
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