Monday, March 1, 2010


My 4 year old son can sometimes say the funniest or oddest things. He really does crack me up sometimes. For example, he really hates church. He gets in such a bad mood when we talk about it. When we do go he just really tries to make it miserable for us. He does not care about being punished and getting in trouble. We have tried everything with this child and he just laughs at us. Well one Sunday we were coming home from church and I told him that he was going to have to spend time in Time Out when we got home because of his behavior at church. I told him that he made the choice to not behave at church so he made the choice to be in time out. He comes back at me and says "You made the choice to take me to church."
Honestly this kid can really drive me crazy. He just does not care. I can thump him really hard and he just looks at me and smiles. When he is being bad and I try to punish him he gets the giggles which then makes me even angrier. ARRRGGG!!! So then I sometimes do and say things I regret later. If I tell him I am going to take away toys if he doesn't behave he automatically starts giving me all his toys. I hope this faze ends soon.
His hair was getting really long and my daughter told him his ears were all full of hair. So he tells her "That is why mom has to tell me things a million times."

Any feedback and advice would be great. I have tried so many things from parenting books and websites.


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  1. Hi, I am new and like your posts. I read in a later post that you let them negotiate and they don't stick to their end of the bargain. The next time they try to negotiate, tell them they have lost that privilege because they were not honest with you last time. AND STICK TO IT. Consistency is everything. Tell them rules, post them. Don't let anything go, follow through on the consequence every time, even if they have been "good" all day and you want to reward them and cut them some slack. You can have liberty in enforcing things once things are in order for an long period of time.
    Also, you mention going to church. I would pray "the peace of Jesus Christ" over them when they rise and before they go to sleep. It will change a lot!
    Hope things get better.