Friday, February 26, 2010

Parents and Treats

I have recently been informed that treats are not allowed in a certain class that I help with. I will not mention the class. We usually offer healthy treats like raisins, pretzels, fruit or crackers. ONE day a parent brought in a treat for their child’s birthday to share with the class. Another parent got super upset because they did not want their child eating a sugary treat because they are overweight. I know a lot of schools have rules about this. I understand the dilemma we have about over weight children. But once again as I feel with discipline. Doesn’t this go back to the home? Isn’t it the parent’s responsibility to control what their child eats and their physical activity so they do not get over weight or help them to lose weight? Why is it that so many parents place blame on everybody else?

I understand they can’t control what their child eats outside of the home, and some parents do try. But with even us adults we do not get overweight from one treat with friends. It is a lifestyle habit that made us that way. Why deprive the kids the one treat with their friends and make a huge deal about it. Especially in front of your child, who I’m sure is already embarrassed by their mom pointing out they are over weight and cannot have that treat.

Sorry this is just a short little thought I had. I’m sure some will disagree. But I truly feel it is the parent’s responsibility to handle their child’s weight issues and not the schools and other adults. Schools can educate and teach children healthy living and how to make healthy choices but it is important for the parents to enforce it at home and teach the children how to eat properly and have healthy choices in the home.

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