Wednesday, July 15, 2009


On this blog I will be posting articles and great deals for some great parenting e-books. I have posted one about Maternity Acupressure that I thought was very interesting because I am pregnant and thought it might help others that are pregnant.
I also posted a great ebook on communicating with your baby, toddler, teen and so on. It give very helpful parenting tips on being a positive parent and communicating in an effective way.
Check them out.

On another note, I have started to try and be more health concious with the kids. Usually when I get home from working my 7 and a half hour shift I just want to come home and put my feet up. Eat whatever is super easy and let the kids watch TV.
Well this is week one. We have been on a walk two days this week. Boy do my feet hurt. The kids are signed up for swim lessons. They do not start until 6:35. It is a painful 3 and a half hours from when I get home from work until we leave because my 3 year old has no patience. He bugs me constantly about leaving and whines so much about how we are never going to go.
I have bought lots of fruit. The kids have already eaten almost a whole half of a watermelon. So they really enjoy having the fruit and stuff for snacks. I think I will make juice pops for the summer.
For breakfast we did watermelon, eggs and a half of a bagel. It was pretty good.
Just a tip for all you pregnant moms out there I heard that watermelon is very good at helping with morning sickness. Just a tip. Let me know if it helps you. I still occasionally get morning sickness so I will have to try it next time I get it.
Thanks for reading my posts and I look forward to more.

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