Saturday, December 12, 2009

Project Organization

I have to return back to work next week. I had 12 weeks off for maternity leave. I am really sad about it. This week I have been organizing before I go back to work and start school again.

While I was pregnant I organized this whole house, all 937 square feet of it, to make room for family member number 6. We count the dog. I got rid of so much stuff. Some I am a little sad I got rid of because I have found uses for them now. For example my college text books, the college would not buy back from me, I have found out that AMAZON
will they pay up to $40 for them and the shipping and handeling. I got rid of over 20 books. Oh well to late now. Somebody else is probably making money on them.

I have to organize my kids room every 2 weeks or once a month. It can be very frusterating. So this time around with a little bit of help from AMAZON

This is what their closet looked like before organizing.

I know what a mess. It drives me CRAZY!

I ordered some boxes and magazine containers from AMAZON

The boxes and magazine holders have a spot to make a label on them. So now there is a place for everything. We will see how long this stays clean. I hoping for awhile since I will not be having too much time on my hands soon.

For more info on organizing see this website now.

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