Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Successful Parenting at Your Fingertips

I have a couple of books that I often refer to for help when communicating with my children. I have to read them alot to reiterate the message to myself.
So often when my kids are fighting or whining I just want to yell at them and send them to their room. The yelling never helps it sometimes just makes things worse because the kids are now crying more or acting out more, then I am getting madder. If I over react to a situation I often feel guilty and go to bed crying.
One book is called Scream Free Parenting. This book makes you focus on yourself first. I got this book as an audio version and I listen to it when I am driving.

This is another great resource for having a positive influence on your children. I bought this one to as an audio version. The techniques in this book are for parents who have older children. It was not very beneficial to me now but I will save it for the future.

Here are two great books that help with speaking to your children effectively. I really enjoyed the way that they give examples and explain how to handle situations. Although not all situations in life are not like the book. But they give great guidelines to follow. These are two that I often refer back to.

This one I threw in because I own it but I have only read a little bit. I really need to dive in and read it because my two older kids fight ALL the time.

Please feel free to recommend any books or resources you have that can help other parents.

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