Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Learn How to Lose Pregnancy Weight

by David_G_Reynolds

Best wishes on your first, third or even eight kid!! Well done on surviving those 9 long months where that tiny one inside you kicked and attempted to demolish your body. Now that a bulk of you time is taken up by your child or children, how are you going to lose that pregnancy weight?? In this piece we'll go through various methods and tips to get you out of maternity wear and back into your old jeans.

Start using free weights as a replacement for of weight machines:

Using free weights and/or body weight for your resistance training requires much more balance than you might grasp. While doing this, your using more than only the target muscles. Balance and stability are also going on at the same time engaging a number of different muscles. End result being more calories burned with no additional time spent in the gym.

Ultimately Get Back Into Your Pre-pregnancy Skinny Jeans!!

Combine multiple muscle groups in the same exercise:

Here we are going to "Get more bang for your buck." Well this is precisely what we're referring to here. You don't have time to isolate and work out each distinct muscle in your body. And for a new mother this type of training is totally uncalled for. So instead of doing leg extensions, do squats, which works your whole leg, not only your quadriceps. In place of performing pushdowns and kickbacks, complete a bench press or several dips. These exercises work chest triceps and shoulders at the same time.

Do a super set:

A super set is doing numerous exercises in a row without rest, only to take a short rest after the set is completed. This burns tons of calories and speeds up your workout. You can do the same muscle groups if you prefer, but if you get too exhausted try and alternate between two different muscles groups. Case in point being: pushups, straight to curls, then to shoulder press, then you get a rest. This keeps you heart rate elevated for longer and keeps your workouts short and efficient.

Should I do more or less reps??

Although high reps does require more work, research has revealed that the best range lies between 8 to 12 repetitions. It is this sum that is best for building lean muscle. Lean muscle is especially vital to weight loss specially post pregnancy. Lean muscle increases your metabolism and helps burn body fat. High repetitions have been praised for years but it really isn't the key. You shouldn't do your cardio in the weight room. Reasonable weight in this range will help you build that lean strong body you want.

Rest time between sets? 30-60 Seconds:

To many this might not appear like adequate rest time, but true be told there are huge benefits to keeping your rest time below a

minute. Most importantly it helps you maintain an elevated heart rate, while letting you at least catch your breath. Next, it will teach your muscles to recover quicker which in the future will help you speed up your workout and get out of the gym sooner.

Full Body Workouts:

Our body works in unison with all the different systems and particularly muscle groups. For instance, when you bend down to pick up all the toys on the ground, you're working a range of diverse muscles. So if you've taken the time to in fact goto the gym, you want to make sure you're working every one of the key muscle groups. Doing this will stop you from having to get the gym five times a week for each muscle group.

All you need is a 3 day a week total body workout for fantastic results.

Cardio PLUS Strength Training:

Yes, Cardio is a key part to weight loss especially post partum. But a strength training program is required to get rid of that extra body fat that was brought on by your pregnancy. W

eight training increases your calorie output when exercising and also lean muscle burns calories when you're resting....what could be better than that?

These tips will save you time at the gym, and actually teach you how to lose pregnancy weight fast and proficiently.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE has lots of great tips as well.

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  1. There's nothing better than looking good and slim after ballooning up during pregnancy. Your tips are really helpful and they explain the reasons and benefits behind designing a particular workout program. I now have a better understanding of how to do my workouts even without going to the gym. I hope to lose the weight following your tips.