Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stranger Danger

Recently we had an attempted child abduction. Our town has been on alert again since the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard. She was kidnapped here in our town. It is odd that since she was found people are being extra careful as if they should not have been being careful for the past 18 years. But two weeks ago a ten year boy was almost kidnapped by a man driving a white truck. He jumped out and try to grab the boy. He road his bike away very fast and got away from the stranger. My kids have been having stranger danger classes in school and learning about self defense. I think it is great that the schools teach this. But I also think that it needs to be taught at home. (Same with sex education) Parents need to talk to there children about being safe and what the family plan is at all times. Here is a nice article just going over the basics by a man named Frank Skellington.

STOPPING CHILD ABDUCTIONS Stopping child abductions is something every parent takes interest in. This article has been written to share seven things you can do to help reduce your risk. They're simple things people don't think about sometimes.

Do you have a lawn or gardening service? Some sort of yard service? After workers leave for the day check all openings to the home. Windows, doors maybe even dog doors when you go to bed.

If you are parents, or a parent who works late have a code word. A word your children and you know in case someone else has to pick them up. Make sure they know, unless someone uses the code word not to leave with them.

You don't want to put your children's names on their clothes. As much as it burns to lose a jacket, it's always worse to lose your child. Jackets will always cost less.

Often if a child screams as loud as they can abductors will flee. Teach your child if anyone tries to grab them scream "KIDNAPPER" or "FIRE" as they are always sure to get attention.

This one can never be shared enough. Know their friends. Know their hangouts. Try and know or even coordinate with parents of your childs friends.

Try and have an after school program with other parents in the neighborhood. Maybe a safe house the children can go to after school. Maybe offer to provide snacks and drinks. Or maybe a movie.

Find out about the security program in place at the school or daycare your child attends. Make sure you are familiar with the outlines. If you see something you think can be better, speak up! Parent's input is usually appreciated if it's constructive. So there ya have it. Seven simple tips you can start practicing today. Sometimes the simplest measures have the biggest impact.

I also think it is very important to teach your kids about people they do know. That they should never go into a neighbors house without permission. Never go with a grown up that they know unless they were told that it is okay. Using the code word as suggested in the article. As we have seen on the news it is not always strangers we need to be cautious of.




    I'm all for keeping kids safe. Thank you for posting about this. But I'm assuming this link refers to the same event you're talking about. But kids lie to get out of trouble. This lie could have gotten an innocent man in major trouble. Ok granted what probably happened we will never know and that man probably should have used better judgment. But my gut tells me the kid who lied didn't get into any trouble at all, but we'll never know for sure.

    May I encourage you to post a little more on teaching parents to teach their kids about personal responsibility? I'm noticing a growing trend of apathetic parenting or parents who protect their kids so much they get away with lots. So they cause more trouble in society.

  2. I did not see that the kid threw a snow ball at a truck. That is horrible.
    There are tips to teach children and as I stressed in the article parents need to commuicate with their children.
    I to feel that parents are ignoring or not wanting to deal with their kids to much these days. I talked a little about that in this post.
    Thank you for the comment I really appreciate you input.

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